Matrix Laser – Showlaser Solutions

To build the most modern Show Laser Systems and to create the most fascinating Laser Events – This is our mission. When our clients require new, innovative solutions to their event requirements, we do not simply refer to short-lived trends, but we rely on over 20 years Experience, International Partnerships and especially our Creative Expertise. To us, EXTRAORDINARY is the norm – and this leads to the key point of our corporate philosophy:

Many leave a mark. Few leave an IMPRESSION.

Each day brings new challenges. This is all good and well if one has the option to react to those challenges. Through our long-term binding agreements and partnerships with suppliers specializing in components for Show Laser Technology, we are able to guarantee availability and delivery to our clients all year round in a timeous and personalized manner. We have covered all bases to ensure we find satisfactory solutions for your requirements.

Never be satisfied with compromises – Our Laser Systems and Show Concepts will blow you away.

Our references

  • 30 Years MAG Group
  • Justin Timberlake, Abu Dhabi
  • ADMA OPCO, 40 Years of archievement, Abu Dhabi
  • Spirit of the Union, Abu Dhabi
  • Al Waha Capital Lounge, Abu Dhabi
  • SL Formula 1 Lounge, Abu Dhabi
  • Formula 1 , Bahrain
  • 35 Years Bank of Sharjah, Sharjah and Dubai
  • World Security Forum, Abu Dhabi
  • 30 Years  MAG Group of Companies, Dubai
  • IP Forum, Abu Dhabi
  • Falcon City Exhibition Booth, Dubai
  • 35 Years NPCC, Abu Dhabi
  • MAN and Bayern München, Abu Dhabi
  • Nokia Conference, Dubai
  • Nokia Gala Dinner, Dubai
  • LUX Festival, Chricket Stadium, Sharjah
  • Tiesto Concert, Abu Dhabi
  • National Day  2011, Doha
  • Phillips Product Launch , Dubai
  • Spirit of the Union, Abu Dhabi
  • Sun Dance, Dubai
  • New Years Eve 2010, Burj Khalifa Dubai
  • ADGAS Award Ceremony
  • National Day 2011, Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi
  • National Day 2010, Emirtaes Palace, Abu Dhabi
  • National Day 2011, Presidential Affairs Palace, Abu Dhabi
  • National Day 2010, Presidential Affairs Palace, Abu Dhabi
  • Al Ahli Club, Award Ceremony, Dubai
  • Officers Club Sports Tournament,2011. Abu Dhabi
  • Officers Club Sports Tournament, 2010, Abu Dhabi
  • Ferry Corsten Concert, Dubai
  • National Day ADIA 2011, Abu Dhabi
  • Flagpole Opening Ceremony , Baku